Tools & Technologies

  • Unix / MacOS
  • Git
  • PHP / C / Java (server & applets) / Objective-C / Shell scripts
  • SQL / (some) MongoDB
  • JavaScript client and server, AJAX/REST/SOAP
  • Single-page apps, Backbone.js, FaceBook React
  • Grunt, Gulp and other build tools
  • WordPress themes/plugins/codex/core
  • jQuery, jQuery plugins creation
  • Apache, Nginx
  • Vagrant / VirtualBox
  • Ansible (some)
  • PhantomJS / CasperJS site scraping/testing.
  • SOLR / ElasticSearch
  • Misc languages from the past: Scheme, Perl, AppleScript, Assembly (Motorola 68k/IBM Mini)
  • Innumerable API integrations.


Indiana University - Bloomington, IN
B.S. Computer Science, Minor in Business


Evolving Media Network - Kingston, NY

Senior Full Stack Developer | May 2012 - Present
  • Building custom themes and plugins for client WordPress sites.
  • WordPress REST API Integrations
  • Deploying and migrating sites to AWS, CloudStack, WPEngine and commodity hosting providers.
  • Building internal tools to streamline production tasks (cmd-line and web).
  • Interaction with clients for CMS training, requirements gathering
  • Architected and built SPA for parts manufacturer using SOLR backend, integrated with WordPress.
  • Built hybrid iOS app for iTunes store.
  • Building and maintaining JavaScript SPAs.
  • API integrations (Google, payment processors, CRM systems, et al.)
  • Implemented two Arabic-English multilingual sites.
  • Connecting WordPress to ElasticSearch.
  • Extensive data migration tasks.
  • Building side project using Node, MongoDB and WordPress for assisting webmasters with Google SERP penalties.

Freelance - CT/NY

Consulting & Product Development | Circa 10 yrs
  • Consulting for database-driven web sites and data automation, developing products under own brand, hacking things of interest.
  • Built three native iOS apps, one for client (, other two self-published.
  • Built and sold commercially and through VARs, a line of FileMaker Pro (FMP) plugins for Mac/Windows (FMP is cross-platform database application). To avoid maintaining separate code bases and figuring out Windows frameworks, created proprietary bridge from FMP's plugin API to a pure Java plugin framework ("JavaCompanion"). Required working with Java Native Interface (JNI) to bootstrap a VM inside FileMaker's context.
  • Developed and sold FileMaker Pro plugin for online payment processing; supported over 22 U.S. and Foreign payment gateways, providing a single homogenized API to FileMaker database developers.
  • Developed and sold FMP plugin for SMTP/POP3/IMAP.
  • Built FMP plugin with embedded JavaScript runtime (using Rhino) JavaScript host objects for exposing my other plugins' functionalities with the JS runtime.
  • Ran several lucrative Affiliate Marketing campaigns averaging at peak, $8/k month in revenue. Best month hit $97k. Required pushing the bounds of white hat SEO techniques.
  • Conceived and built PageFactory, possibly the first Web Operating System for multi-user, multi-site online web page creation (precursor to today's CMS; lacked the important concept of design templates). All content and media stored in SQL databases. Installed at Oklahoma State U. to allow students and faculty to create their own home pages or websites. Featured in InfoWorld 100. Eventual startup formed around it, then died.
  • Built online, multi-threaded domain name mining tool. ( - defunct)
  • Handled Customer service and support for the products.
  • Led small team (remotely) for a year+ at startup in Idaho Falls building SAAS for "easy" business website publishing.

Montage Software Systems - Wilton, CT

Mac OS Desktop Product Development | 6 months
  • Developed Mac app for fast ZIP code lookups with integrations to 3D database software, and AppleScript. Used for postal address normalization.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty - Munich, Germany

Mac Desktop Development | 2 yrs
  • Mac OS Desktop programming in support of broadcast services.

FAW-Ulm - Munich, Germany

Programming | 2 yrs during/after University

Research institute for Applied Knowledge Processing.

  • Sundry infrastructure development tasks
  • Desktop-integrated telephony: IBM Mini Assembly coding to provide bridge between Desktop computers to Siemens Hicom PBX.